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We buy collections!

TripleSleeveTCG offers one of the most all-encompassing collection buying programs in the Cardfight!! Vanguard, and Digimon Card Game. Need some extra cash for the next set coming out? Or wanting to clear up space in your binders? TripleSleeveTCG offers competitive pricing on almost all singles from TCG history. 

Want to get the process started? Shoot us a message on our Facebook or Email us at We try our best to have a low response time. 

Dollar Bills


How do I contact you?

Please reach out to us on our Facebook or email us at We try our best to have a low response time. (We're closed most weekends)

What do I need to begin the buying process?


High quality, clear pictures of your collection or cards you are wanting to sell or a text list (picture confirmation required before payment is sent). 

How much do you offer per card?


TSTCG offers vary based on card condition, set, and general value. Much like Channelfireball's or StarcityGames' buylist please don't expect full TCGPlayer market value for your collection.

What are you payment delivery options?


TripleSleeveTCG currently only offers payment via PayPal. 

When will my payment arrive?


While most collection buying companies won't pay you till the items arrive and are sorted/checked TripleSleeveTCG is proud to offer pre-arrival payment on qualifying collections. 

What happens if I don't send a card, or the condition is different than I describe?


Collection sellers are fully responsible for the reduction in value of any cards that are in conditions not as originally agreed upon, or any missing cards in the shipment. Seller will need to ship missing cards as soon as possible, or agree upon an adjusted price.


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