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Weis Schwarz Date Alive Vol. 2 Booster

"Date A Live Vol.2" will participate in Weiss Schwarz. Famous scenes in the play appear as cards! The 4th period of the animation is currently being broadcast.

    Sign card information

    A hot stamped autograph card of the cast voice actor is randomly included in the hit pack!

    • Marina Inoue (role of Toka Yatogami)
    • Misuzu Togashi (role of Origami Tobiichi)
    • Ayana Taketatsu (role of Itsuka Kotori)
    • Iori Nomizu (role of Yoshino Himekawa)
    • Asami Sanada (role of Kurumi Tokisaki) 
    • Maaya Uchida (role of Yamai Kazamachi)
    • Emi Bridcutt Sarah (role of Yamai Yuzuru)
    • Minori Chihara (role of Miku Izayoi)
    • Ayumi Mano (role of Kyouno Natsumi)

    Box benefits

    1 out of 5 PR cards (planned) is randomly enclosed in the box!
    *Encapsulation in the reprint is undecided.

    Target campaign

    • Bushiroad Gold and Silver Campaign
    • Special first-attack and second-attack card campaign

    Gold and Silver Campaign

    Collect the "gold winning tickets" randomly enclosed in this product and exchange them for Bushiroad special goods such as storage boxes and sleeves by applying at the "Bushiroad TCG Station"!
    * This campaign is common to all Weiss Schwarz products.
    * Tickets are included in the box only if you win. There is no enclosed ticket.
    * There is no winning ticket included in the reprint.

    Special First Attack and Second Attack Card Campaign

    In rare cases, the first and second attack cards (1 set of 2) of this product's original design are included in the BOX!
    * The first and second attack cards will be added to the prizes of the gold and silver campaign.


        • 9 cards per pack
        • 16 packs per box
        • 18 boxes per cartoon
        • Please note that you cannot necessarily get all kinds of the items in one box. There are 100 normal + parallel card types.

        Weis Schwarz Date Alive Vol. 2 Booster

        • TSTCG does not offer refunds on pre-orders. Pick the wrong thing on accident? Let us know, we can help you out.

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