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Grand Archive: Dawn of Ashes Starter Deck and Booster

Grand Archive is an anime trading card game with western game design and extreme collectability!


It is the first anime card game that embraces card interface clarity, low stat numbers, and easily understood rules text. Developed with passion by a team of anime lovers and card game enthusiasts!



Total of 204 Unique Card Types, including:

  • 204 Unique Card Types
  • 18 Card Art Exclusive for First Edition Only
  • 1 Collector Rare included in 1 out of 15 Boxes
  • 9 Different Collector Rares
  • Warrior Class debut
  • Mage Class debut
  • Tamer Class debut


Booster Pack Ratios:

  • 9 Common Cards
  • 2 Uncommon Cards
  • 1 Rare Card or Super Rare Card
  • 12.5% chance of foil card in place of a common card.



  • 24x Booster Packs
    12x Cards in 1 Pack.


Starter Deck Displays

  • A Display Comes with 3x of all 3 decks for a total of 9x Starter Decks.

Grand Archive: Dawn of Ashes Starter Deck and Booster

  • TSTCG does not offer refunds on pre-orders. Pick the wrong thing on accident? Let us know, we can help you out.

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