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Weiss Schwarz: Bang Dream GBP Prem. Booster

All orders are subject to cancellation/refund.


■ Premium Booster BanG Dream! Girls Band Party

A Premium Booster to commemorate the 4th Anniversary of BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! Limited single print run!


Meet the bands!
◆ Poppin’Party
◆ Afterglow
◆ Pastel*Palettes
◆ Roselia
◆ Hello, Happy World!
◆ Morfonica


Each pack contains cards of all five members of the same band! All five cards are shiny holographic cards, and out of five is guaranteed to be hot stamped!


The cards in this Premium Booster may be used together with cards which have their card number beginning with 「BD/」!

35 types (Holo) + 35 types (Hotstamped)
5 cards per pack, 7 packs per display
10 displays per carton

As this product is produced in a limited quantity, there may be cases where we will not be able to fulfill the
exact quantity ordered.


※ This product is intended for players aged 9 and above.
※ English edition cards cannot be used in official Japanese edition tournaments.
※Weiß Schwarz (English Edition) does not include gold/silver campaign coupon.

Weiss Schwarz: Bang Dream GBP Prem. Booster

  • TSTCG does not offer refunds on pre-orders. Pick the wrong thing on accident? Let us know, we can help you out.

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