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Weis Schwarz: Azure Lane Booster and Trial Deck

Preorder Cutoff July 14th

Product Details:

Sign Card Information

This product contains SEC and SP cards with signs by 40 different voice actors (Total 39 types of SP and 4 types of SEC cards)


Box Toppers!!

  • 1 of 18 exclusive PR cards in every display box!


Product Specifications

Total 140 types of cards + 140 types (Parallel)

9 cards per pack, 16 packs per display

18 displays per carton

※Weiß Schwarz (English Edition) does not include gold/silver campaign coupon.


Trial Deck Info:

  • TD1: Eagle Union ver.
  • TD2: Royal Navy ver.
  • TD3: Sakura Empire ver.
  • TD4: Iron Blood ver.

20 types of cards + 20 parallels

50 cards per deck, 6 decks per display

8 displays per case

Weis Schwarz: Azure Lane Booster and Trial Deck

  • TSTCG does not offer refunds on pre-orders. Pick the wrong thing on accident? Let us know, we can help you out.

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