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Alternate Souls - Return of the Heroes

All orders are subject to cancellation/refund.


Will Studios is proud to bring you a new arena card game - Alternate Souls! It combines the elements of a TCG with a board game, and incorporates the beautiful art and fan favorite characters of Force of Will alongside new skills and strategies!

An “Arena Card Game” in which players build decks with character cards and move corresponding acrylic figures across the arena to win.


25 characters total.

Each pack contains 6 cards and 1 acrylic miniature standee.

A booster box will contain 25 packs. Buying a box will let you complete a set, as there will be no duplicate characters in a box.

Case pack contains 5 boosters.

Alternate Souls - Return of the Heroes

  • TSTCG does not offer refunds on pre-orders. Pick the wrong thing on accident? Let us know, we can help you out.

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